Must Amy Winehouse be crowded into the '27 Club'?

Must Amy Winehouse be crowded into the '27 Club'?

Amy WinehouseA recent article in the LA Times Online that I was interviewed for noted the following:

Because we cannot speak about a celebrity’s death without inventing some sort of trend, let’s take a second to deal with Amy Winehouse and the so-called 27 Club.
Just hours after the tragic demise of the vocal powerhouse, entertainment outlets settled on their preferred angle: Winehouse was 27. Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and a slew of other artists also died at 27, many of them from conditions related to drugs or alcohol. (Joplin died of a probable heroin overdose, heroin-user Cobain’s death was a suicide, and Hendrix’s autopsy concluded that he drowned in vomit after pairing sleeping pills with wine.)
So. All this 27 business must mean something, sayeth the laws of entertainment journalism. The dreaded Return of Saturn has been suggested — that span between ages 27 and 30 that astrologists say marks a time of developmental tumult as the planet returns to the angle it occupied at the person’s birth.
Addiction specialists, however, have a slightly earthier take on the 27 Club.

Click here to read the complete source article including my comments on the 27 club.

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