Central to Dr. Paul’s mission of ensuring ‘mental health matters for everyone, everywhere’ is his dedication to addressing the intersection of identities that affect his clients’ emotional and physical health, the integrity of their relationships and the well-being of the planet we are privileged to live upon.


Towards this end, Dr. Paul takes a thorough and multi-disciplined approach to issues of mental health, an approach that addresses the individual, relational and systemic context of his clients. This approach enables him to determine which clinical interventions should focus on the client’s neurophysiology and developmental path and which need to address the systemic challenges to their well-being.


In this regard, he views the clients he is privileged to treat through a multifaceted lens, a lens that considers their physiology, the significant relationships in their lives, the religious and socio-cultural context in which they willingly and unwillingly operate and the contemporary zeitgeist that may diminish their personal power or cause them to hide key parts of their identities.


Dr. Paul’s approach in this regard is informed by his work in the realm of social justice activism and philanthropy as well as in established principles of multicultural psychology. Through this work, Dr. Paul has found that emotionally healthy individuals are in the best position to create healthy relationships, families, and communities; to protect and nurture vulnerable individuals and groups; and, to put a stop the industrial and human degradation of our planet.