global wellness

Over the last two decades of working in the trenches of mental health, personality, relational and addictive disorders, Dr. Paul has become acutely aware of the need for a holistic approach to wellness. In this regard, he will typically agree to work with a client suffering from one or more of the pathologies enumerated above only if they agree to engage in some form of complementary therapy such as acupuncture, massage or yoga. The reasons for this are based on empirical data, which show these physical interventions recalibrate our central nervous systems to healthy states of being, as well as Dr. Paul’s anecdotal experience with how these complementary therapies enhance the outcomes of traditional talk therapies.

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Through this approach, Dr. Paul has earned the respect of the global wellness community and was invited to serve as an ambassador to the Global Wellness Institute. With a mission to empower wellness worldwide by educating public and private sectors about preventative health and wellness, the Global Wellness Institute is the world’s leading think tank that makes all of its information and resources available at no cost, allowing everyone, everywhere access to resources to improve their mental and relational health.

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