Dr. Paul is the founding principal of Drayson Mews and author of Fragile Power: Why Having Everything is Never Enough (Hazelden, 2019), the seminal resource for UHNW individuals, couples and families seeking culturally respectful and clinically effective mental and relational health services. In addition, Dr. Paul serves as a Senior Expert to Ispahani Advisory, a London based consulting firm and is an ambassador to the Global Wellness Institute where he advises the world’s leading wellness resorts and companies on issues relating to mental and relational health.
Prior to graduating from the Harvard Medical School’s Global Leaders in Healthcare program, Dr. Paul explored the use of digital technologies to improve the delivery of behavioral health services to disenfranchised global communities at the Yale School of Management. Currently, he is working with the Yale School of Public Health on a pilot program to bring academic rigor, direct service providers, policy makers and philanthropists to improve the quality of behavioral health care to the LGBTQ+ community.
In addition to his academic and clinical work, Dr. Paul has extensive experience in the realm of philanthropy. As a trustee of a private family foundation, Dr. Paul has stewarded over three million U.S. dollars to enhance the delivery of direct mental health services to LGBTQ+ community centers across America and has a deep commitment to the environmental justice movement through leadership positions with national and international environmental NGOs.
Dr. Paul’s research in the realm of UHNW identity and behavioral health has been peer reviewed and published by the Journal of Wealth Management, the International Family Offices JournalGlobe Law and Business, and Lambert Academic Press. He and his work have been featured in a wide variety of international media outlets including The New York TimesThe Wall Street JournalThe World Economic Forum, the Johns Hopkins NewsletterHarvard Business Review ArabiaCNNMen’s HealthThe GuardianTatler (where he was selected as one of the world’s top ‘problem solvers’), the Campden Club, the Institute of Private Investors, the Purposeful Planning InstituteBrown Brothers HarrimanWebMDPsych Central and others. He is on the editorial board of Middle East Business News and Magazine, a leading resource for family businesses and entrepreneurs in the MENA region.
Dr. Paul is available for consultations with individuals, couples, families, family enterprises and businesses around the world through encrypted telehealth platforms.